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This Page is as stated all about Brian who is the web master of

Brian was born in Carshalton Surrey England and lived at Thornton Road close by to St.Heliers Hospital where he was born on the 16th March 1943. He went to "Tweedale Road School" "No.10 School" as it was known. He wonder's if it is still known as that? Leaving Thornton Road with his parents and moved to Southgate Crawley Sussex where his mother lived until she died in November 2002. His Brother John and his wife and three children still live in Southgate. He went to school in Ifield Crawley called "Sarah Robinson". While surffing the net found that it has now changed names and called "Ifield Community College". After leaving school went to work for C.W.S Ltd., Engineers Dept. Leman Street London as Heating and Ventilation Engineer. He worked for them for 14 years. During that time while working in Slough Buckinghamshire (as it was then) met his wife Kathleen. They married in December of 1967 at St.George the Martyr Britwell Slough and moved to Pakefield Lowestoft Suffolk where they still live today. They have two wonderful children Zena and Neil and they in turn have three children Zena, two boys and a girl, Neil three girls. After CWS, Brian went to work for SLP. Fabrications in Beccles Suffolk where he stayed for 12 years. He was made redundant and started his own Heating and Plumbing Company with a friend who was his partner. The partnership did not run for long and Brian continued to run the company for another 8 years before calling it a day. He now works for Adamac Group in Nigeria

His intrest are D.I.Y, (building three extra rooms in his house, converting bedroom and living room into one large lounge)
Football, (spectator now) and follower of Arsenal F.C., Geneology. Tracing his family for only but a short time but has gone back to 1775 in the space of two years. Learning about Java Script and HTML. the computer and working on troddenroots web pages. Playing the Mouth Organ (harps) and learning to play the keyboard.

Some school friends i can remember from Tweedale Road (Number 10 school) Carshalton Surrey
  • Brian Bragg
  • Eddie Challis
  • Chris Holton
  • Alec Mcdonald
  • Keith Sinclair
  • Brenda Tresinden
  • Jackline Yates
  • Christine Ham
  • Christine Parker
  • David Prosser

    Some school friends i can remember from Sarah Robinson School Ifield Crawley Sussex

  • William Brown