The names that are in bracket are firstly their maiden name then their married name.
The last name is what their surname was on Death but I expect you sorted that one out for yourself

NameDate of EventPlace of DeathAgedPlace of Rest or Rememberance
Beatrice Rebbecca (Carter) Munn10th July 1978Ifield Crawley West Sussex86Morden Cemetery Surrey U.K.
Ann English8th October 1853Burtreeford21Heathery Cleugh, Stanhope Co.Durham U.K.
Edward English29 November 1931 Paris Ontario38 Paris Ontario Canada
Isabella English3rd January 1892Wellhope47Heathery Cleugh, Stanhope Co.Durham U.K.
Jane English15th April 1874Low Rush38Heathery Cleugh, Stanhope Co.Durham U.K.
John English21st May 1869Wellhope32Heathery Cleugh, Stanhope Co.Durham U.K.
Margaret English27th April 1875Wellhope13Heathery Cleugh, Stanhope Co.Durham U.K.
Mary English1st February 1854Wellhope78Heathery Cleugh, Stanhope Co.Durham U.K.
Ralph English21st March 1848Cogley15Heathery Cleugh, Stanhope Co.Durham U.K.
Sarah English22nd January 1870Wellhope48Heathery Cleugh, Stanhope Co.Durham U.K.
Thomas English3rd June 1846Wellhope69Heathery Cleugh, Stanhope Co.Durham U.K.
Thomas George EnglishDecember 1990 Brantford Ontario75Paris Ontario Canada
Thomas Watson English17th July 1935 Paris Ontario69Paris Ontario Canada
Vernon Watson English1945 Italy25Anconna Italy & Paris Ontario Canada
William English11th August 1886High Copt HIll68Heathery Cleugh, Stanhope Co.Durham U.K.
William English18 October 1918France21Pesquencourt France & Paris Ontario Canada
William Bruce English7 June 1990Mississauga Ontario Canada72Spring Creek Cemetry Clarkson Ontario Canada
Daisy (English} Griffiths 1984Paris Ontario82Paris Ontario Canada
Louisa Lousinda (Colston) (English) Young18 October 1966 Paris Ontario71Paris Ontario Canada
Feddrick Vaisey Munn31st October 1945Carshalton Surrey52Mordon Cemetery Surrey U.K.
Reginald John Munn9th December 1988 Guildford Hospital Surrey60Morden Cemetery Surrey U.K.
Leslie Freddrick James Munn12th January 1963High Wycombe38Morden Cemetery Surrey U.K.
Beatrice Alice (Munn) Ham20th March 1948London35Morden Cemetery Surrey U.K.
Sydney David Ham26th March 1960Carshalton Surrey49Morden Cemetery Surrey U.K.
Doris Olive (Munn) Abel24th October 1999Coulsdon Surrey83Morden Cemetery Surrey U.K.
Ernest William Gray20th September 1989 Crawley Hospital West Sussex72Surrey & Sussex Crematorium Crawley West Sussex U.K.
Violet Aileen (Munn) (English) Gray21 November 2002 Crawley Hospital West Sussex83Surrey & Sussex Crematorium Crawley West Sussex U.K.
Ellen Mary Gray5th January 2008 Thanet Hospital98Thanet Crematorium.
Robert Charles Hendershot28th April 2010 Brantford General Hospital Ontario Canada76 
Sarah (Sally) (Hemphill) English21st January 2012 Royal Victoria Hospital Barrie Canada90 
Olive Zetta Ilene (Ollie) (Fox) English3rd May 2015 Brantford General Hospital Ontario Canada98Paris Ontario Canada