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NameEvent NamesDateLocation
Abram EnglishmarriedSarah Snowhill<> 1881  
Alban H EnglishmarriedIsabella Milburn<> 1844  
Anne EnglishmarriedNicholas Iley<> 1840  
Anne EnglishmarriedJohn Hunter<> 1859  
Ann EnglishmarriedMark Noble<> 1870  
Ann EnglishmarriedGeorge Coatsworth<> 1890  
Ann EnglishmarriedGeorge Wright<>1902  
Ann PeartmarriedThomas Gleason<>1837  
Ann PeartmarriedJoseph James<>1838  
Ann PeartmarriedCollin Cuthbert<>1840  
Ambrose A English
Ambrose EnglishmarriedAlice Clarke<>1896  
Ambrosine EnglishmarriedJohn J Fairless<>1891  
Beatrice EnglishmarriedJohn Philipson<>1891  
Brian William EnglishmarriedKathleen Ann Porter16 December 1967 Slough Bucks
Carole EnglishmarriedRobert Hendershot6 January 1969Brantford Ontario Canada
Carole English / HendershotmarriedVic Backmeier31 May 2013Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Brantford Ontario Canada
Edward EnglishmarriedMary Milburn07 December 1833Heathery Cleugh, Stanhope, Co Durham
Edward EnglishmarriedMary Humble<> 1853  
Edward EnglishmarriedJane Simpson/Jane Emerson<> 1867  
Edward EnglishmarriedElizabeth Forbes<> 1867  
Edward EnglishmarriedMary A Stobbs<> 1863  
Edward EnglishmarriedElizabeth King<> 1874  
Edward EnglishmarriedElizabeth Emerson<> 1872  
Edward EnglishmarriedSarah J Pattinson<> 1888  
Edward EnglishmarriedSelina Priestley<> 1897  
Edward EnglishmarriedAnnie R Robinson<> 1906  
Edward EnglishmarriedAnn E Askew<> 1922  
Edward N EnglishmarriedViolet A Purvis<> 1948  
Edward PeartmarriedPheobe Dalton<> 1839  
Elizabeth EnglishmarriedJohn Thompson16 May 1807 Stanhope, Co Durham
Elizabeth EnglishmarriedJoseph Harrison16 May 1841 
Elizabeth EnglishmarriedRobert Dobson<>1851 
Elizabeth EnglishmarriedThomas Henderson<>1858 
Elizabeth EnglishmarriedWilliam Emerson<>1866 
Elizabeth EnglishmarriedMathew Dodds<>1877 
Elizabeth EnglishmarriedJohn Graham<>1887 
Elizabeth EnglishmarriedFrederick Woodhall<>1899 
Elizabeth EnglishmarriedJohn W Cusworth<>1893 
Elizabeth EnglishmarriedThomas D Howe<>1894 
Elizabeth A EnglishmarriedJohn W Teasdale<>1900 
Elizabeth PeartmarriedRobert Stevenson<>1838 
Emerson PeartmarriedElizabeth Elliot<> 1838  
Emerson PeartmarriedAnn Scott<> 1840  
Ester EnglishmarriedJonathan Walton<>1877 
Ester PeartmarriedNicholson Dixon<>1838 
Ester PeartmarriedRobert Dalton<>1838 
Ester PeartmarriedHenry Richardson<>1840 
Fairless EnglishmarriedJane Peart<>1868 
Fairless EnglishmarriedMary A Maddison or Mary A Watson<>1873 
Featherstone P EnglishmarriedFrances E M Shaw<>1891 
Fred EnglishmarriedKatherine Schooley<>1937Ontario Canada
George EnglishmarriedMary Dixon<>1854 
George E EnglishmarriedJulia Davis<> Oct1860Brantford Ontario Canada
George EnglishmarriedFlora Coe or Flora James<>1887 
George EnglishmarriedJane Graham or Jane Eland<>1899 
George E EnglishmarriedMargaret J Bradley<>1900 
George EnglishmarriedHelene Gertrude Donovan<>1919Brantford Ontario Canada
George PeartmarriedAnn Lee<>1838 
George C PeartmarriedJane Chandler or Jane Richardson<>1840 
Hannah EnglishmarriedWilliam Smith<>1858 
Hannah EnglishmarriedJohn Milburn<>1859 
Hannah EnglishmarriedWilliam Burdess<>1868 
Hannah EnglishmarriedJohn W Robson<>1889 
Hannah PeartmarriedWilliam Rutherfod<>1840 
Hannah PeartmarriedJonathan Sowerby<>1839 
Hannah PeartmarriedRalph Rodham<>1840 
Henry EnglishmarriedHannah Clough<>1869 
Henry EnglishmarriedFrances Wilson or Frances Parker<>1874 
Issac PeartmarriedHannah Dalton<>1838  
Issac PeartmarriedHannah Oates<>1839  
Isabella PeartmarriedRobert Dawson<>1837  
Isabella PeartmarriedThomas English<>1838  
Isabella PeartmarriedWilliam Race<>1840  
Jacob PeartmarriedMaria Hodgson<>1839  
James EnglishmarriedJane Borrowdale<>1867  
James EnglishmarriedAnn James<>1898  
Jane EnglishmarriedJacob Peart23 June 1805 Stanhope, Co Durham
Jane EnglishmarriedGeorge Pattison23 June 1805  
Jane EnglishmarriedGibson Otley 1849 
Jane EnglishmarriedJohn Cleasby<>1859  
Jane EnglishmarriedWilliam Johnson<>1875  
Jane EnglishmarriedJohn Cleasby<>1859  
Jane PeartmarriedJames Layland<>1838  
Jane PeartmarriedFrancis Elliot<>1838  
Jean EnglishmarriedJames ConnellJan 1937 Ontario Canada
John EnglishmarriedHannah Carrick18 December 1858 Stanhope, Co Durham
John EnglishmarriedEster Robson<> 1845  
John EnglishmarriedMary Gowland<> 1853  
John EnglishmarriedAnn Smith<> 1851  
John EnglishmarriedSarah Wood<> 1853  
John EnglishmarriedEster Robson<> 1845  
John EnglishmarriedMargaret Cleminson<> 1863  
John EnglishmarriedAnn Dickinson<> 1861  
John EnglishmarriedEsther Baty<> 1886  
John G EnglishmarriedIsabell Gray<> 1883  
John R EnglishmarriedJane E Robinson<> 1890  
John T EnglishmarriedDorothy A Hetherington<> 1884  
John W EnglishmarriedLillias Nevison<> 1890  
John EnglishmarriedCatherine Muncaster<> 1895  
John T EnglishmarriedMary J Dunn<> 1893  
John W EnglishmarriedEvelyn I Scott<> 1916  
John EnglishmarriedOlive Walton<> 1926  
John J EnglishmarriedFlorence E Bell<> 1928  
John EnglishmarriedSarah Stones<> 1846  
John G EnglishmarriedMabel Allison<> 1932  
John EnglishmarriedPamela Wren<> 1966  
John W EnglishmarriedJill Urwin<> 1963  
John EnglishmarriedElizabeth Pickering<> 1973  
John EnglishmarriedChristine Birkbeck<> 1984  
John KiddmarriedMary Lonsdale 10th May 1821 St Thomas Church Stanhope Co Durham
John PeartmarriedMary Robinson<> 1839  
John RichardsonmarriedJane English or Jane Cleasby<> 1972  
Patrick EnglishmarriedAnn Burns<> 1857  
Margaret EnglishmarriedWilliam Burbness16 July 1808 Stanhope, Co Durham
Margaret EnglishmarriedWilliam Merry or Margaret Baker<>1873 
Margaret EnglishmarriedJohn Exworthy<>1874  
Margaret EnglishmarriedMichael Lawson<>1876  
Margaret A EnglishmarriedJohn Wright<>1880  
Margaret A EnglishmarriedJohn T Longstaff<>1891  
Margaret H EnglishmarriedJames H Dixon<>1896  
Margaret EnglishmarriedGeorge Holder<>sept 1916Brantford Ontario Canada
Maria PeartmarriedWilliam Hodgson<>1837  
Marian Ruth EnglishmarriedErnest Leslie CookeAug 1939 Ontario Canada
MaryPeartmarriedWilliam Walton<>1840  
Milburn EnglishmarriedIsabella Dalton21 June 1845 Stanhope, Co Durham
Nancy EnglishmarriedJohn Laws21 June 1795 Stanhope, Co Durham
Robert EnglishmarriedWilliam Troughton<> 1874  
Robert EnglishmarriedJane Stephenson or Jane Lidster<> 1881  
Robert EnglishmarriedMargaret A Burdon<> 1895  
Robert EnglishmarriedMary Forster<> 1896  
Robert PeartmarriedElizabeth Allison<> 1837  
Robert PeartmarriedHannah Smith<> 1838  
Roseana EnglishmarriedAnn Willis<> 1855  
William EnglishmarriedMary Press1780 Stanhope, Co Durham
William EnglishmarriedSarah Emerson<>1846  
William EnglishmarriedMary Redforth<>1855  
William EnglishmarriedMaria Richardson<>1856  
William EnglishmarriedHannah E Shield<>1864  
William Bruce EnglishmarriedAnne Teresa Alonso<> 10th May 1937Paris Ontario Canada
William LeemarriedAnn Carrick13 January 1771 Stanhope, Co Durham
Joseph EnglishmarriedJane A Heatherington<>1886  
Joseph PeartmarriedAnn Carrick26 December 1782 Stanhope, Co Durham
Joseph EnglishmarriedPhillis Carrick<>1896  
Joseph EnglishmarriedAnnie Emerson<>1896  
Mathew LeemarriedAnn Carrick11 April 1807 Stanhope, Co Durham
John CarrickmarriedAnn Carrick1741 Stanhope, Co Durham
William ReaymarriedElizabeth Carrick17 February 1736 Stanhope, Co Durham
Francis GrahammarriedElizabeth Carrick20 June 1777 Stanhope, Co Durham
John StapletonmarriedFrances Carrick30 May 1672 Stanhope, Co Durham
John EnglishmarriedHannah Carrick18 December 1858 Stanhope, Co Durham
George GolightlymarriedIsabella Carrick13 September 1807 Stanhope, Co Durham
Jacob CarrickmarriedHannah James05 February 1788 Stanhope, Co Durham
James CarrockmarriedJane Vickars05 June 1740 Stanhope, Co Durham
James CarrickmarriedJane Routledge04 May 1776 Stanhope, Co Durham
Joseph EnglishmarriedSarah Henderson<> 1859  
Joseph M EnglishmarriedSarah Peacock<> 1865  
Jane EnglishmarriedJohn Cleasby<>1859  
Milburn EnglishmarriedIsabella Dalton<> 1865 Stanhope, Co Durham
John FinnmarriedSarah English or Sarah Snowball<> 1895 
Jonathan KiddmarriedHannah Smith<> 1873 Stanhope, Co Durham
John HarrisonmarriedAnn M Alderson<> 1869 
John HarrisonmarriedSarah E Simpson<> 1867  
John HarrisonmarriedAnn Stevenson<> 1868 
John HarrisonmarriedMary Nelson<> 1863  
John HarrisonmarriedMartha Lightfoot<> 1862 
John HarrisonmarriedMary Thomson<> 1869 
John HarrisonmarriedElizabeth Harrison<> 1862 
John HarrisonmarriedElizabeth Watson<> 1864 
John C HarrisonmarriedJane March<> 1864  
John HarrisonmarriedSarah Bell<> 1873 
John HarrisonmarriedHannah Davson<> 1879  
John HarrisonmarriedMary Sloane<> 1875  
John HarrisonmarriedJane Robertshaw<> 1875 
John HarrisonmarriedSarah A Allan<> 1879  
John HarrisonmarriedElizabeth Marshall<> 1875  
John HarrisonmarriedAnn Walton<> 1875  
John H HarrisonmarriedFrances Freak<> 1872  
Margaret English/Margaret HendesonmarriedJoseph Winter<> 1865  
Sarah EnglishmarriedJoseph Winter<> 1865  
Sarah EnglishmarriedIshmael Manton<> 1875  
Susan EnglishmarriedC. H. Chamberlin<> April 1870  
Samuel EnglishmarriedMary A John<> 1885  
Samuel EnglishmarriedMary A John<> 1885  
Thomas EnglishmarriedAnn Milburn03 December 1807 Stanhope, Co Durham
Thomas EnglishmarriedIsabella Peart<> 1838  
Thomas EnglishmarriedSarah Watson<> 1859 Stanhope, Co Durham
Thomas EnglishmarriedSarah Thompson<> 1862  
Thomas EnglishmarriedMary Harrison<> 1867 Stanhope, Co Durham
Thomas EnglishmarriedElizabeth A Robson<> 1870  
Thomas EnglishmarriedJane Beaston<> 1872  
Thomas EnglishmarriedJane Pattinson<> 1884  
Thomas T EnglishmarriedSarah Winskill<> 1885  
Thomas EnglishmarriedMargaret Featherstone<> 1887  
Thomas EnglishmarriedSarah A Emerson<> 1917  
Thomas W EnglishmarriedEllen Waring<>Mar1919  
Thomas EnglishmarriedJane E Rowell<> 1922  
Thomas W EnglishmarriedRuth E Bruce<>1923  
Thomas G EnglishmarriedMargaret Angus<>1929  
Thomas EnglishmarriedMargaret Walters<> 1940  
Thomas EnglishmarriedHeather L Lawson<> 1959  
Thomas A EnglishmarriedMargaret Wynn<> 1959  
Thomas EnglishmarriedAnn W Welch<>1960  
Thomas M EnglishmarriedIsabella Peart<> 1969  
Thomas PeartmarriedSarah Low<> 1838  
Thomas PeartmarriedMary Whitfield<> 1839  
Mary EnglishmarriedRobibson Milner<> 1850  
Mary A EnglishmarriedThomas Gibb<> 1858  
Mary EnglishmarriedHenry Wilkinson<> 1870  
Mary EnglishmarriedHenry O'Brien<> 1869  
Mary EnglishmarriedJohn Ruterford<> 1865  
Mary EnglishmarriedJohn Barton<> 1866  
Mary A EnglishmarriedRichard R Smith<> 1865  
Mary J EnglishmarriedJohn Lodge<> 1877  
Mary EnglishmarriedIsaac Peart<> 1886  
Mary A EnglishmarriedGeorge W Rhodes<> 1881  
Mary EnglishmarriedJoshua Featherstone<> 1892  
Mary A EnglishmarriedJob Whitfield<> 1896  
Mary E EnglishmarriedRichard Holmes<> 1904  
Mary A EnglishmarriedFrancis R Knibbs<> 1919  
Mary E EnglishmarriedThomas B Smith<> 1911  
Mary E EnglishmarriedJohn Peart<> 1912  
Mary F EnglishmarriedThomas Shevels<> 1940  
Mary I EnglishmarriedFrederick Coates<> 1935  
Mary EnglishmarriedAlexander John Mckay<>6h February 1929Brantford Ontario Canada
Manney EnglishmarriedRobert Johnson<> 1887  
Mark EnglishmarriedDorothy A Bainbridge<> 1890  
Mark J EnglishmarriedIsabella Simpson<> 1895  
Mathew Englishmarried <>July 1872 Brantford Ontario Canada
Milburn EnglishmarriedJane Peart or Jane Elliot<> 1896  
Ralph EnglishmarriedJane Hindmoor<> 1854  
Richard EnglishmarriedFrances J Elliiot<> 1894